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Self Reflecting

I learned most that I’m not a big fan of economics and am glad that my degree is in accounting. I am a very right/wrong type person and economics has very little of that. Most is subjective to interpretation and there are few right/wrong answers. Some of the history was interesting and learning why situations … Continue reading Self Reflecting


I think that the course was decent. I am not a big fan of a lot of writing, so to me personally that was a bit off-putting. The technical difficulties and stuff were a little troubling, but you helped me out after meeting.  I think that there were some organization problems, and would’ve liked to … Continue reading Feedback

Two Best Posts

I think that my two best posts would be
I think that these posts offer a good look at the real world applicat…

Unit 7-What’s the Goal

I think that economic success should be based on society as a whole, not on individuals. Money most definitely can buy some people’s happiness, others it can’t. Individuals are too unique to try and group together and base economic success on individuals. Society should define economic success. Has it eliminated poverty? Homelessness? Starvation? Everyone should … Continue reading Unit 7-What’s the Goal

Unit 7-The Future

I think the future looks bleak. Economically, everything is done in the name of profits. Things that can be done to improve society don’t get done, unless it can be done profitably. Even today there are few “breakthroughs” in medicine. The problem-they don’t try to cure anything. They try to produce a drug that you … Continue reading Unit 7-The Future

Unit 7-Income Inequality

I think that income inequality is a key issue today and going into the future. There is enough money in the world to go around, but the sharks want a giant portion with little concern with what that does to everybody else. It is sickening to know that there are people dying of starvation and … Continue reading Unit 7-Income Inequality

Book Review

The Secret History of the American Empire: Economic Hitmen, Jackals, and the Truth About Global Corruption John Perkins Copyright 2007 Penguin Group Publishing ISBN: 978-1-1012-1373-5       This book is about the author’s dealings as what he calls “an economic hitman.” In truth he was a spy for the NSA, and tells many stories … Continue reading Book Review