I apologize for waiting until the last minute to make a lot of my posts, and quizzes.  This is the first online class that I have ever taken and it kind of took advantage of the relax due dates.  I feel that this class is set up great, it is a college course, and from … Continue reading procrastination

class experience.

Although, at first I was not overly excited about the blogging. I found it to be kind of refreshing posting my views out to the public. It is always nice to put your views out and get other people to add their perspective to an issue. It is a very good way to evolve your … Continue reading class experience.


The question about Colliers conflict trap through me off. “Which situation is an example of what Collier would refer to a conflict trap for underdeveloped countries?” I thought all the answers but one was actually a conflict trap in his book. I got it wrong obviously

Wealth Gap

I just found this and thought it was a very interesting take on the wealth gap which we previously discussed and just thought I’d share it.

Self Reflecting

I learned most that I’m not a big fan of economics and am glad that my degree is in accounting. I am a very right/wrong type person and economics has very little of that. Most is subjective to interpretation and there are few right/wrong answers. Some of the history was interesting and learning why situations … Continue reading Self Reflecting


I think that the course was decent. I am not a big fan of a lot of writing, so to me personally that was a bit off-putting. The technical difficulties and stuff were a little troubling, but you helped me out after meeting.  I think that there were some organization problems, and would’ve liked to … Continue reading Feedback

Two Best Posts

I think that my two best posts would be
I think that these posts offer a good look at the real world applicat…