Unit 5/6-PPACA=Affordable?

By | April 19, 2015

In my present situation, I have a hard time seeing how this is considered affordable. I signed up for health care through the marketplace before the original deadline. My monthly premium is $160, with a $6000 deductible before the insurance even kicks in. That is nearly $8000 a year if I used it to the point where the insurance had to pay out. This was one of the cheaper options that I had when I signed up. Even to a person who made $50k a year (which I don’t), that would be nearly 20% of their income, and that is before taxes. If you don’t bring home $50k a year, it is an even higher percentage. I also read recently (although I don’t have the link) that premiums are going to go up. Kind of seems like a bait and switch to me. Bring everyone in under one pricing system, and then two years later start raising the rates. People are required to have it, pay it or else. Although it may have been put in place with good intentions, I do not find it to be affordable and the ones to benefit the most is going to be the insurance companies-as usual. I have yet to find someone who finds it affordable, if you do not qualify for government assistance. While there is peace of mind knowing I have insurance, the thought of having to use it for something serious is equally as terrifying, $6000 would be a damaging amount of money to have to pay out.

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