Dan Barber: How I fell in Love with Fish

By | May 8, 2015

This was a fascinating video for me. This video highlighted a lot of topics that I have often wondered about in terms of sustainability. When Barber talked about the first fish farm and how they bragged about being totally sustainable. However after Barber dug into the facts a little more, it turns out that they fed their fish chicken. There is nothing natural or sustainable about raising a chicken and then feeding it to fish. Not only is this a non-sustainable source of food but it is in fact using additional food in the process. The second farm in Spain that produces the fish that he fell in love with however, was according to Barber, is completely sustainable. If its like Barber said, not only is the fish farm sustainable, but it in fact cleans the pollutants out of the water, but feeds the native bird population and has restored their numbers from a dangerously low numbers back to a healthy population. In order to create a sustainable environment we need to find more ways to produce food and other goods in sustainable methods such as the fish farm in spain.

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