Book review

By | April 27, 2015

The book, Deep Economy: The wealth of communities and the durable future, is more namely about the weath of not just the economy as a whole, monetarily, but talks more about the wealth of being a happy, satisfied society leading towards better lives and a better future. Upon pointing out and making statements on how the whole concept of, “more is better”, Bill McKibben points out a lot of the things that while should be obvious to most people, but is usually disregarded in that people don’t wish to face the future that is resource depletion. I found this one to relate to this class about the economy in that this class would not exist if not for the economy, and this book basically talks about how if we do not make a stand now, stride for the better and not wear down our planet until it is barren, then there will be no economy to speak of, and as an unexpected coincidence, it talks about the future of the economy, as our current unit does aswell. As per my side of things, I can easily say I can side with Bill on much of his sayings in that it is true, resources are depleting, sure, but being careless for too long and our available resources will deplete faster than they are formed, and already it is evident as I have made that oil will not last forever, and I only pray im not around for that day.

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