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Unit 4: Can the Poor Be Trusted?

Let’s shift our attention away from the so-called “developing nations” where the average person is poor, to the poor of the developed and emerging nations. In developing nations, the central issue is how to raise the general level of productivity of the economic system. The issue is a lack of development and industrialization. Put simply,… Read More »

Unit 4 Readings/Viewings: Overview

In previous units we’ve focused on economic growth, wealth, incomes, and development. But in doing that we’ve focused on what we could call the winners and the on-their-way-to-winning.  In this unit we’re going to turn our attention to the less fortunate – the poor.  In shifting our attention, we need to realize that there’s two… Read More »

Unit 3 Viewing: “Billions of Entrepreneurs” by Tarun Khanna

Jim’s  Note: Culture oftentimes gets short attention in economics, yet it’s an enormously powerful factor in determining the success, development, or failure of economies.  In the this video, Tarun Khanna looks at China and India.  These two countries are neighbors. They are the two most populous countries in the world. Both are rapidly developing and… Read More »