Update from Jim – Quiz 5 and 6

By | April 13, 2015

Ok, maybe it’s not the same. Maybe trying a different, experimental approach to teaching an online course isn’t the same as quitting sniffing glue. But it sure seems like I picked the wrong semester to try a new approach given that a new approach always means more learning curve, prep, and just general work.  So the latest interference to suggest this was the wrong semester is that I got sick a couple weeks ago at the conference in Chicago. I thought I could power through, but turns out it kicked my behind and I’m behind in most classes.

What does this mean for you?  It means I couldn’t get quiz 5 and 6 edited and prepared.  So, my misfortune, in a strange way, becomes your fortune.  I’ve decided to just skip the quiz 5 and 6 – you’ve just got the points for it.

I’ve now caught up on grading of posts and quizzes as of April 12.

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