Units 8 – What to Do – This Is It Folks!

By | April 22, 2015

This is it folks. We’re near the end. It’s time for Unit 8, the last unit. For Unit 8, I want you to do the following:

  1. You need to read the book reviews of your fellow students. A page listing links to all the book reviews is available on the menu bar.
  2. Take the Unit 8 quiz.  This quiz is based upon the questions submitted by students about their book reviews. It should be available by April 29.
  3. Make some posts.  You need to make 3 specific posts during Unit 8.
    • Write a post identifying your best two posts from the  semester (one you want graded); explain why
    • Write a post providing feedback on the course and its design.  Be honest. Do you see potential? Should it be repeated? What did you like/ not like? What should change? What frustrated you?
    • Write a self-reflective post on what you’ve learned this semester. You can approach this as broadly as you want. It could be about some specific information or ideas you learned, or it could be about something you learned about yourself, or just a different way of thinking or perspective you learned.
  4. Take the final exam on D2L.

Everything really does need to be completed by end of day on May 10. That barely allows me the time needed to get grading done and submit course grades.

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  1. brown355

    Should we be able to see the lists of the book reviews yet? When I click on the “Book Reviews” section nothing shows up.

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