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The readings

The readings we had this unit were kind of long and hard to follow at first. After rereading them I could understand more of the topics. I never knew there were that many types of economic systems. I really only knew about capitalism and socialism. I am hoping by the end of this course I … Continue reading The readings

Maddison book

In my frenzy to meet my deadlines, I somehow managed to read the pages. I don’t want to miss the grade on this so i’ll make my input quick. I took most interest into the first part involving our per capita income and how our nation has prospered and diminished from time to time. looking […]

To my peers

while im here, I would like to address to my peers that I apologize for not have been replying and commenting on their posts lately. as of today, our new computer is finally clean and everyone in the household is forced to take turns so from now on, i’ll have more time to get actually […]

Unit 2 1 planet

I always found it fascinating how we as humans live in vastly different areas, regions and continents, with varying cultures, ideas, ways of life, yet in the long run, all of these things can be plucked of like petals of a rose, down to its very base and all the uniqueness is stripped and limited […]

cutting it close

Ok, forgive me for a lot of my absence this week, too many problems to count with our computer, viruses, computer cleaning and dads mahjong addiction, lol, I had no time to myself on it but hey, I got it now, so I’m gonna have to bust all my needed posts out now before it’s […]

Socialism vs. Communism

I understand the socialism and communism are similar in that the government has their hands in everyone’s pockets and runs like…everything. So I get the overall idea I suppose, but I’m having a hard time understanding the difference between socialism and communism. Can someone please clarify?


Since I noticed in the readings that we soon would be talking about global sustainability, I thought I would share my thoughts on sustainability and what I’ve learned about it in other classes thus far. Sustainability involves meeting the needs of the present in a way that allows future generations to meet their needs as … Continue reading Sustainability