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Book Review

Book Title: The End of Poverty: Economics possibilities for our time. By: Jeffrey Sachs ISBN: 1-8420-045-9 Publisher: Penguin Press Publication: December 2005 Author explains why, over the past two hundred years, wealth has diverged across the world and why the … Continue reading


With every Teacher’s readings I learned more about economics systems around the world. I think  that this class is very interactive because students can write in their journals every thing they read about economic system’s topics. I just would like to … Continue reading

class’ feedback

The instructor through his journals explained the economics system showing the goals that a class session has acquired about it. The class was designed with effective instructions and assignments. An effective teacher-students interactions has been an active and crucial ingredient for … Continue reading

Best two Posts

How is the first time I work in a blog I am so exciting for this. In my opinion my two best post were “Cuba and its Health Care” and “How important is safety at work place”. They were the … Continue reading

Cuba Education

Ever since the Socialism was implanted in Cuba in 1960s, the country’s education system has fundamentally improved. It is 100% subsided by the government. Cuba is rated as the best education system in Latin America, despite being one of the … Continue reading

Cuba and its Health Care

As different of United State, which has a health care system operates mainly as a private multipayer system, the Cuban health system is universal and free for all Cuban without restrictions. The Cuban government guarantees free medical and hospital care, … Continue reading