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Where Is My Blog and How Do I Login?

Where Is Your Blog on the Web? Ok, so you now have a blog.  Where is it?  Your blog is on the Web at: Of course, you have to substitute your LCC-issued user id for the “your-lcc-userid” in the above Web address. Your LCC-issued user id is the user id you use to log-in… Read More »

Assignments – Unit 1

For Unit 1:  You need to do these six things:   Read Jim’s Unit 1 posts and listen to intro Read Syllabus Take Unit 1 quiz in D2L Login, configure, explore, and customize your blog Write your unit1 blog posts (see Jim’s Posts for directions) Read your fellow students posts and comment as needed The… Read More »

Welcome to ECON 260, Comparative Systems

Welcome to Comparative Economic Systems, ECON 260. I’m Jim Luke, your professor for this course and this is the 2012 incarnation of this course. I’m looking forward to our online “conversations” about economic systems. This course is a bit different from most of the courses I teach. Normally, I teach Econ 201 and Econ 202,… Read More »