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Unit 3 Viewing: “Billions of Entrepreneurs” by Tarun Khanna

Jim’s  Note: Culture oftentimes gets short attention in economics, yet it’s an enormously powerful factor in determining the success, development, or failure of economies.  In the this video, Tarun Khanna looks at China and India.  These two countries are neighbors. They are the two most populous countries in the world. Both are rapidly developing and… Read More »

Unit 4 – The Bottom Billion

Completing the World Tour In previous units we studied the developed nations, the so-called first world of the G-8 nations. In the last unit we expanded our study to include the BRIC’s and the many other emerging market nations, the nations that can reasonably be projected to converge on first world levels of economic development… Read More »

Unit 3-The New Second World

Emerging and Newly Industrialized Markets Who Are They? Politically, it is no longer considered acceptable to refer to countries as “second” or “third” world since the connotation is often taken to imply a secondary, or less-important political status.In this course I use the terminology “second world” not to mean secondary in importance, but rather as… Read More »