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Unit 2 – What to do

For Unit 2, I want you to do the following:  You need to read: The Jim’s Readings for Unit 2.  These are two required readings posts I created – kind of written mini-lectures.  If you missed them in the ordinary flow of the blog posts on the home page, don’t worry. They are listed/linked under… Read More »

What to Post About in Unit 1 and 2?

Ok, this is getting started a little slower than I anticipated. Part of it is that the tech stuff on the back end setting this all up is taking a bit more time than I expected and part is that the school keeps taking me away to work on other meetings/projects. Many of you have… Read More »

Assignments – Unit 1

For Unit 1:  You need to do these six things:   Read Jim’s Unit 1 posts and listen to intro Read Syllabus Take Unit 1 quiz in D2L Login, configure, explore, and customize your blog Write your unit1 blog posts (see Jim’s Posts for directions) Read your fellow students posts and comment as needed The… Read More »