What’s Coming

By | January 18, 2015

Right now, as you can see by the two previous posts, your blogs are ready for you to work with.  Feel free to explore your blog, including the back-end dashboard (right now I just ask you to not touch anything labeled “Jetpack”, “BruteProtect”, or “Plugins”. Those three things in your Dashboard aren’t supposed to be visible to you and you could, well, not break, but screw some stuff up.  I’ll be hiding those soon as a I figure out how.

Meanwhile, in the coming week I’ll be posting more instructions about how to:

  • create posts with media, embedded videos, pictures, and links to other sites on the web
  • how to create static pages for creating an “About Me” page, or other specialized topics
  • how to customize the look and feel of your blog.  Right now, it’s pretty dull.  That will change.

Right now, the syndication part – the part that grabs posts from your blog and posts it here too so other students can see it- isn’t working yet.  I’ve still got a little configuration to do.  So your new blog posts will appear on your site, but won’t appear here YET.  Soon.  Be Patient.

Then, you can expect more posts here from me that are actually about the concept of Comparative Economic Systems.   There’s also a lot more I need to flesh out on this course hub site, (compsys.econproph.net), such as lists of the assignments, more how-to’s, grading rubrics, book lists for book review, etc.  All in due time.

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